Getting started

  • How does the rental process work?
    The Rental Process Step-by-Step
    1. Request: Renter selects gear on productiongps, enters payment method, chooses insurance option, and delivery/pickup option.
    2. Acceptance: Owner accepts the rental request.
    3. Charge: Once the owner accepts the rental request the renters’ card is charged and the money is sent to the owner's bank account.
    4. Pickup: Upon pickup of the gear, the renter must inspect all items to ensure that they are in good working order. By accepting the equipment and taking it into his or her custody, the renter accepts terms of rental agreement and that the renter has received the gear in good condition. If the renter finds that the equipment they received is NOT in good condition they must report the discrepancy to the owner and to productiongps within one hour of picking up the equipment. If the renter does not report anything they are acknowledging that the gear is in good working condition and that they are responsible for the gear and any changes in condition over the course of the rental.
    5. Return & Inspection: When the renter returns the equipment, the owner must inspect all items to ensure they are in the same condition that they were when the renter first picked up. If the owner finds that the equipment is NOT in the same condition, they must report the discrepancy to the renter and to productiongps within one hour of receiving the item.
  • I'm visiting the United States, can I rent from productiongps?
    You can only rent on productiongps if you are a permanent US citizen or if you're in the united states with a valid US government issued visa.
  • Can I cancel a rental request that has been accepted?
  • How do I list equipment?