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(1) Redback Fixture
(1) Redback Cover
(1) Ballas & Dimmer
(1) 25’ Header Cable
(1) Baby Pin
(1) SnapGrid
(1) Teaser
(1) Magic Cloth
(1) Full Grid
(1) Half Grid
(1) Hard Case w/ Custom Insert

This incredible light has become our favorite for photo shoots, it packs nearly 3,500 tightly placed tungsten- and daylight-temperature LEDs into a 36" diameter fixture. Producing the equivalent maximum output of 12,280 lumens, the company says the Redback is comparable to a 2,500W HMI.

• 1 x Redback 36" Head 1 x Power Supply
• 1 x Parabolic Reflector with 3 Diffusers
• 1 x 180-Degree Teaser "Barndoor"
• 1 x 40-Degree Fabric Grid
• 3456 LEDs, 12,280 Lumens
• Color Temperature: 2600 to 6500K, CRI95
• Weighs 7 lb, Aluminum/Steel Construction
• Onboard DMX, 0 to 100% Dimming
• Wrap-around Light w/ Specular Highlights Includes Hudson Spider Lighting Unit, 400W power Supply

“For 30 years,” continues Steven Fierberg, ASC (whose credits include Entourage, Love and other Drugs and The Affair), “I’ve been dreaming of the perfect light — something that had the quality of a 5K Bardwell-McAllistair cone, but weighs a lot less. The Hudson Spider version is better than I’d ever imagined.”

“It’s really exciting to have access to this light. The fact I don’t have to cut or diffuse it, to make it appropriate for 90% of situations is amazing. It means my single light needs one person to set it, rather than four,” says says Greig Fraser, ASC, ACS (whose credits include Zero Dark Thirty, Lion and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story).

“The brand-new LED light by Hudson Spider, has all the features of a high quality bi-color LED unit. It has a ‘slick,’ very compact and foldable design, much lighter than most of the existing LED units. It is portable, easy to rig and the octagon umbrella-like structure provides a very soft and embracing light... I love it,” says Theo Van De Sande.

  • Brand: Hudson
  • Model: Spider Parabolic LED
  • Replacement Value: $9,000.00
  • Product Condition: Very good

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